Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Life is lifeless. Now. Right here.
Without your smile to light it up.
Its dark and uncompleted.
Your blue eyes brought the room joy.
You gave us something unforgettable.
Something we will all take with us where ever we go.
Something only you had.
Something that will be in my heart until it no longer beats.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


TJ. Man i already miss you. I know you were hurtin bad... and im so sorry. We all never even took a second look. You were always so happy. Always lookin out for everyone else. Always makin me laugh. You were an amazing friend. An amazing person. You never cared what anyone thought of you.
I wont ever forget the good memoried of you:
The time you sh!t on Kyles truck haha
The time at the river.
You were such a great person. Its so hard to realize you wont be at school tommorrow. Like i wont see you again while im here. I wont see you playing 21 with the boys during 6th period. I wont see you smile at me in the halls. Its hard to know that.
We all love you and miss you soooo much TJ! I hope its amazing up there and i hope your watching over all of us here.