Monday, March 22, 2010

Lots to do... many memories ;)

So its spring break and I am workin my butt off... lol... I have a million and one things to do... but it reminds me of great summer times with my amazing friend Kayli Laney :) Ive only spent 2 summers with her... but wow they were pretty amazing... we always had something to do... weather it be the dishes or breaking up dog fights... we were always having fun... i love this girl with all my little heart :) cant wait to see her!!


  1. okay, so you're a ninja. that's pretty obvious :) and because of your loveliness, i had to follow you! haha so i now have a blog too. Look at what a trend setter you are!! :) We did have some awesome times :) and i love you. so good work :)

  2. haha ninjaa? hmmmmm welll okay i guess hehe well glad i can be a trend setter ;)love you lots!