Sunday, March 13, 2011

A letter i found... from my favorite person in the world... literaly brought tears to my eyes!

Nicole, Coley, My love, haha

Im gonna miss you! Its super sad because this is gonna be like our last sunday. Our last YW's, our last hr w/you here. Tear.... SPLASH. So it makes me super sad. I think about all our crazy memories and all that junk. And that makes me depress-ed. Im never gonna go to the head of the ditch and not go look at the table. Or sit in the back of a pickup and not think about that one time when we almost died. Or sitting on a cooler or making dirt morenci at Blackjack. Or miniature donkey hunting. It makes me REALLY sad and i that thats over now. But im happy for you too. Because its gonna be good up there. So i hope that it is super good. But i also hope you dont forget me or the summer of 08. And the memories w/it. Dont forget the sacred spoon.

Ill love and miss you tons and bunches little sister. Be good and txt me- even if its 3 in the morning- im not gonna care. Iv got ur back, and im here when you need me.
I love you infinitely,
<3 Kayli

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  1. Oh my love, the fact that you posted this, makes my day. That fact that it still means so much to you that you cried, makes my life. You're the best deary- and I'm so grateful for you. You can't even imagine. Can't wait for thursday!! :)