Saturday, March 5, 2011

My life: New lol

So here is a new about me... its been a while since i have been on here, and i have, to say the least, changed a lot!
Im lillie nicole. I havee a kinda... well large obsession with jersey shore. lol. I love to die my hair! I love to do my nails! I love hanging out with my best friends! I love picture for sure! My goal in life is to become a journalist. I want to make a difference in people's lives with what i write. I want to make a difference in a different way. Through imagination. :) I want to go to college at university of arizona. i have 1 full sister, 1 half sister, 3 half brothers, 2 step brothers, and 5 step sisters. i used to attend notus high school, i now attend homedale high school. i used to live in a small town in new mexico called luna. i now live in wilder idaho. i miss it there alot, but i have to grow and learn from that.
I have gone through a lot in my life, but i have amazing people here to get me through it. I have great family and friends that i wouldnt trade for the world.

derinda: my sister she is such a strong person, you know, i could have never asked for a better sister. she would do anything for me if i needed her too. i love her, miss her, and cant wait to see her this summer.
shayde and bradley: they are still so young but i love them so much!
kayli laney: might as well be my sister. we grew up together. she is in all honestly the greatest person i have ever met. she sets her goals high. she always knows what to say. she will go so far in life and i love her so very much. (and since today is her birthday, im wishing her a happy birthday:))
whitney, chey, caitlin, and sarah: these girls are my best friends... whitney and i have gone through a lot and she is a great person and i miss her lots. chey, caitlin, and i are like a package deal haha. we are usually always together. we are great friends and im going to be super sad to leave them at the end of the year. i love them very much. sarah will always be my best friend. she lives in arizona, but i miss and love her so much. we have been through so much and i dont know where i would be in life without her.
grandma&grandpa: they pretty much raised me. they taught me so much. they are 2 amazing people, and i love them with all my heart.
mom: she is always there. she does everything for me and i love her.
dad: i miss him with all my heart. and i dont know if he knows it, but he is an amazing person,and i love him so much!
there are so many amazing people in my life that i would fall apart without and these are just a few :)

i have been through alot. and that has made me a very strong person. i will not let anyone tare me down, because i know im better than that. but if thats what blows your dress up try it. :)

i think that is pretty much it:D
much love,
lille, nicole, nichole and chips, liliford, willy, retart, retard, coley, coley bug(what ever it is that you call me:D)

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